Mongolian Yurt

A memorable stay in the seven-metre Mongolian Yurt (or Ger) is truly enchanting and unique, feeling magically expansive inside its cozy walls. Nestled just a short drive from town, the Yurt offers exclusive access to a delightful menagerie of farm animals, adding to the enchantment of the stay. The yurt's fully insulated structure, whether it's snug warmth in winter or cool breeziness in summer, makes it a year-round haven. The fully-equipped outdoor barbecue shelter and breathtaking views of Mt. Fyffe from the private grassed area add an extra layer of charm. To top it all off, the complimentary breakfast provisions, cozy robes, and the joyous opportunity to engage with the animals make this Yurt stay a truly memorable and harmonious blend of comfort, nature, and unique experiences.