Kaikoura is a world leader in being green and clean.
We try to keep the farm as organic as possible.
We clean the whole site every day of animal dung, this enables us to keep the animals healthy without the need for chemical use to keep down parasite burdens in the animals.
The animal dung is used by local vegetable growers and ourselves to fertilize the land.
We fully support Kaikoura’s 100% recycling initiative, and recycle everything that can be recycled. We ask our guests to help us recycle their waste.
Any tree cuttings are either composted or used in our wood burner to heat the house.
We source our wood and building materials from the local recycling centre. All of our animal shelters are made from scrap and recycled materials.
Sheep and llama wool is used to insulate the house & other buildings
We only use organic pesticides and weed killers.
We grow our own vegetables and raise our own meat.
All buildings have ‘grey water’ systems, collecting rainwater from roofs