Tipi / Teepee - Information

The Magnificent Tipi Experience:
Stay in our magnificent seven-meter-wide Tipi, where the internal poles reach an impressive twelve meters in height. This unique accommodation is set on a purpose-built, raised, and insulated wooden floor, providing comfort and durability for your stay. The Tipi's walls are made of waterproof poly-cotton canvas with a thick second inner layer, ensuring a cozy and weather-resistant interior. Inside, you'll find a spacious single room featuring a double bed, two separate single beds, and a single trundler bed, along with a seating area, cupboard, blanket box, and tea and coffee making facilities. This is a truly unique experience that blends comfort with the charm of traditional camping in a Tipi.

• The Tipi is set on a purpose-built, raised, and insulated wooden floor for comfort and durability.
• The walls of the Tipi are made of waterproof poly-cotton canvas with a thick second inner layer to ensure a cozy and weather-resistant interior.
• Inside the Tipi, guests will find a spacious single room that includes a double bed, two separate single beds, and a single trundler bed for flexible sleeping arrangements.
• There is a seating area with chairs, a sofa, and a table, along with a cupboard and blanket box for storage.
• Tea and coffee making facilities are available for guest convenience.
• A hexagonal toilet building is purpose-built and offers private amenities, including a shower, toilet, and wash basin set into a beautiful macrocarpa bench.
Heating & Lighting:
• Two electric heaters and an electric blanket on the double bed keep guests warm and cozy during their stay.
• The Tipi is equipped with regular 240V power supply, room lighting, bedside lamps, NZ/AUS power points, and USB sockets for convenience.

Complimentary Offerings:
• Adult-sized bathroom robes are provided for guest use during their stay.
• Bed linen, towels and toiletries are also provided, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free stay.

. Continental Breakfast: Upgrade your stay to include breakfast @ $30 per-person-per-day. We leave your breakfast items in your property, for you to prepare at a convenient time. We wash the dishes when you leave each day, and restock if necessary.
Unfortunately, we are not able to cater for dietary preferences, so there will be: wheat, gluten, flower based whole grain bread and a selection of breakfast cereals provided, along with standard: full-fat milk, butter, jam, tea, filter coffee, sugar, plus seasonal free range farm eggs and fruits. If you need alternative breakfast items, please bring some that are suitable.

Outdoor Amenities:
• A fully-equipped outdoor barbecue shelter is provided for guests. It includes a gas barbecue, gas pizza oven, and sink set on a macrocarpa workbench.
• Cooking utensils such as pots, pans, plates, and cutlery are available for outdoor cooking needs.
• Outdoor tables and seating allow guests to enjoy meals in a pleasant outdoor setting.

Additional Amenities:
• Guests have access to a range of gum boots (wellies) in various adult and child sizes.
• Electricity in the Tipi and its toilet building is included in the stay.
• Recycling bins are provided to support Kaikoura's recycling initiative, and guests are encouraged to participate in waste separation and recycling.

Scenic Surroundings:
• The Tipi is set in its own private grassed clearing, adjacent to a fruit orchard and surrounded by native New Zealand trees.
• Through the trees, guests can enjoy a magnificent view of Mt. Fyffe, which is only 4 kilometers away.

Exclusive Experiences:
• Guests have the option to pre-book Llama Trekking for a unique adventure.
• Exclusive access is granted to a private collection of farm animals, including llamas, pigs, alpacas, sheep, deer, chickens, and collie dogs (approximately 80 animals in total).
• Complimentary animal feeding sessions are held at 8:15am and 3:15pm daily, with animal feed provided.

Our Tipi offers a one-of-a-kind getaway experience with a blend of comfort, nature, and unique activities for guests to enjoy.