Colonial Wagon information

The Wagon: Staying in our HUGE Colonial Wagon is an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. This unique and luxurious Colonial Wagon is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, taking more than two years to build. It's a spacious and meticulously crafted accommodation option that boasts quality fittings and stunning stained wooden panels. The outer wood is stained cedar, giving it a classic and rustic appearance.

• Interior: Inside the wagon, you'll find a comfortable bedroom in the center that can sleep two people. You can choose between two single beds or a super-king-sized double bed. The walls and floor are exceptionally insulated, providing comfort beyond modern standards.
• Bathroom: At the back of the wagon, there's a well-equipped bathroom with a toilet, vanity washbasin, and a separate shower, ensuring your convenience and privacy.
• Kitchen: The small on-board kitchen includes a microwave, hotplate, fridge, kettle, toaster, rice cooker, sink, crockery, and cutlery. For more involved cooking, you can use the companion barbecue building, which provides additional cooking facilities.
• Lounge: The front of the wagon offers a small lounge area with a breathtaking view of Mt. Fyffe, located just 4km away. You'll find an electronically adjustable table, a 23” full-HD widescreen TV, a Blu-Ray/DVD/CD player with a vast movie collection, and a comfy faux-leather sofa for relaxation.
• Heating and Cooling: The wagon features air conditioning and heating controlled with an infrared handset. You can stay comfortable no matter the weather.

• Outdoor Amenities: Outside, you'll have access to a large grassed area with plenty of space to relax in the sun and admire the stunning view of Mt. Fyffe. There's also a purpose-built outdoor barbecue shelter equipped with a gas barbecue, gas pizza oven, gas hob, sink, crockery, cutlery, solar lighting, and outdoor seating.
• Outdoor Bath: For a unique experience, you can enjoy an outdoor bath in a quiet and secluded spot next to the barbecue shelter. Wood is provided for heating the water, allowing you to unwind under the open sky.

. Continental Breakfast: Upgrade your stay to include breakfast @ $30 per-person-per-day. We leave your breakfast items in your property, for you to prepare at a convenient time. We wash the dishes when you leave each day, and restock if necessary.
Unfortunately, we are not able to cater for dietary preferences, so there will be: wheat, gluten, flower based whole grain bread and a selection of breakfast cereals provided, along with standard: full-fat milk, butter, jam, tea, filter coffee, sugar, plus seasonal free range farm eggs and fruits. If you need alternative breakfast items, please bring some that are suitable.

• Farm Animals: As a guest, you have exclusive access to a private collection of around eighty farm animals, including llamas, pigs, alpacas, sheep, deer, chickens, and a friendly collie dog. You can join the feeding sessions at 8:15am and 3:15pm every day, and complimentary animal feed is included.

• Additional Options: Llama Trekking is available if you pre-book, adding to the adventure and entertainment during your stay.
• Environmental Responsibility: The hosts are committed to sustainability and encourage recycling, providing recycling bins for your use. They also support Kaikoura's recycling goals.

Your stay in the Colonial Wagon promises luxury, comfort, and an exclusive opportunity to connect with nature and farm life. Enjoy the serene surroundings and the many amenities that make your stay truly special.